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We prioritize academic juncture to orthodontic examination sequnces and total evaluation before the actual begining of orthodontic treatment. Such priority will gain us insight to the problems that our patients are facing and to be able to understand how well the actual treatment will benefit our good customers. 

our orthodontic softwareCephalometric




  PA Skull



Therefore our total examination shall begin with;

1) Three(3)Digital x-ray examinations; due to the fact that our clinic is not using old film technology, so every image taken, will be transmitted to a monitoring screen for complete evaluating software at work.

2) Taking 12 pictures of facial and Jaws profile by our clinic's own studio.

3) Complete detailed clinical examination         


All data from the clinical examination and evaluation will be further analysed and such analysis result shall be rightly informed  on the basis of  Treatment objective(s), duration and treatment fee on that visit accordingly.

In such case which requires surgical procedure to correct individual jaw model.  We shall make further additional appointment for more examination by our own registered orofacial surgeon.  This shall be required, due to the fact that both orthodontist and orofacial surgeon may work together to gain conclusive understanding of the total treatment regimen.






Orthodontic fee shall include an appliance to retain your teeth model after treatment has been accomplished.  Such appliance is call a "retainer"

Normally, orthodontic treatment will be completed as scheduled.  But, if in the case that the treatment is prolonged due individual matrix(ortho classification, bone condition, anomalies) differences, and the patient has subjected himself(herself) to treatment regimen so well. The clinic shall not ask for additional fee pertaining to such mentioned.

We're using 2 systems of orthodontic brackets.

1. System in general 





2. TenBrook Axis ( Self-Ligating System )


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