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Most x-ray image from film rarely shows micro-crack line

Our Camera can catch the minute detail as in a micro-crack line seen

The same live size molar,that ordinary eyes may not see cracked line




                 1            2              3

Image 1 with ordinary light we can not view the border of dental caries as manifested in image 2-3

1. We examine with small intra-oral camera, to which the image is sharper and can be enlarged to a monitoring screen for a fully detailed view.







2. Examining the teeth for dental caries thru the use of blue ray.              


3. Panoramic X-ray                                                         



4.  Other Dental and Medical examination which include some pathological finding  such as cracked line,TMJ, checking tooth or teeth vitality, occlusion in general and esthetic evaluation of both before and after treatment. 




5. Consultation and dental-medical advises per the result of the above examination.   



6. These are disposable items that we used/1 patient during examination and evaluation



7. All information and data of an individual  ex; personal info, past&present dent-med history,images, x-ray graphic etc. were stored or saved as in digital format, and that can be readily transfered in case of emergency, that such individual is far away from Dent Define clinic. So that, a complete treatment file of such person might help doctor or dentist in a distance area to treat with complete knowledge of a person.


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