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Oral Surgery 

Our clinic emphasize the importance of oral surgery in general. Expertise of some works are deemed necessary to acquire skillfull hand of a surgeon ex; extraction, surgical impaction, root amputation, apicoectomy, bone reduction, cystic removal, orthodontic related orofacial surgery, and this would definitely include all clinical work under anesthetic condition, finally to a complicated surgery in the hospital operating room.  We have defined our surgical concept and direction to the mentioned as follow;

1.       DENT DEFINE DENTAL CLINIC requires skillfull dental specialist in oral surgery, who is experienced in the field with the highest degree of responsibility on call, and he(she) must currently be presiding over a well known governmental or private hospital on a regular basis. This shall be so, due to the fact, that should any case pertaining to orthodontic related orofacial surgery arise, we could therefore admit the case to such hospital seamlessly and smoothly without any hassel.

2)       DENT DEFINE DENTAL CLINIC does solemnly uphold the concept of  "Painless Dentistry"   by implimenting pain control thru  regimens of skillfull techniques and innovative equipments for a deeply and profoundly anesthetizing the tissue area to produce the least possible complication such as post-operative swelling, and pain.
3.       DENT DEFINE DENTAL CLINIC impliments stringent requirements for infection control & sterilization program. By fostering clean, healthy environment and crossed contamination prevention.  Besides surgical expertise of a surgeon hands, we believe that success of all type of surgical procedure solely depents on implimenting serious and up to date infection control in couple with sterilization program.

4.       DENT DEFINE DENTAL CLINIC  provides easy and up to date pre & post-operative instructions to all our patient fostering a possible rapid wound healing.


Surgical removal of infection at Tooth root apex




Tooth impaction problem







Tooth impaction removal



 Reasons which leads to tooth extraction



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