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DENT DEFINE : THE DENTAL CLINIC / Our vision and purpose for creating this website.

1.  To be a proper media announcing our principles, philosophy and our goal in administration and running the Profession for Dental Clinic.
2.  As a medium for public announcement to our site location, traveling to and contacting our patient of both local and internationally.
3.  As a media to the extension of our;  services, type of treatment(s), concepts and the principles in treatment per related field(s) in Dentistry.  We therefore uphold and embrace new school of thought and principles laid out in modern dental compendium from the on going technology of modern dental industry.

DENT DEFINE : THE DENTAL CLINIC upholds the concepts in creating this website as follow;

1. DENT DEFINE highly respects dental ethic and it's idealism from a person in Dental Profession.  It is not our intention to rouse web propagada, enticing or otherwise misleading to patients and others who come to this website.
2. DENT DEFINE has no obligation to any dental manufacturers or their marketing representatives of any source from this website.  It is not our intention to advertise any dental products which we had selected to be used and dispensed in our clinic.
3. DENT DEFINE has solemnly and respectfully upholds the honorable dental accademia and it's institutions very highly. In beliving that dental clinic in general should and would be able to build a rapport in creating generalized acceptance from the community not as a one way occupational outlet, but as a meaningful basis in ;Professional Health Care Provider.























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