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Esthetic Dentistry



A number of patients who had visited us having problems with his or her front teeth either there're anormalies from later on in life such as dark spots indicating dental caries, deterioration of restorative material, dental crown that does not look natural, teeth color changing, teeth erosion with fracture, or congenitally acquired anormalies such as; teeth shape, color, size and dentition anormalies, these are the things that lower our patients self esteem in smiling and in public appearance.

Please seek consultation from the start for our examining protocols by stating your chief complain and the overall oral status that you do desire to change, instead of stating any on-spot treatment that may or may not change the over all oro-facial status which you've direly desired. DENT DEFINE the dental clinic has modern equipments and protocols for analyzing and evaluating the overall esthetic profile to each individual patient, for example; by digital x-ray, special ultra resolution digital dental photography, and integrating all the mentioned to a dental software to which images, color, size, orientation of tooth or teeth and facial profile may be summarized for the best treating program.


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